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Carnival Pride Shore Excursions, Belize City, Belize

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Altun Ha
X-Stream Cave Tubing
Belize Kids Cave Tubing
Beach & Snorkeling Goff's Caye
Belize Zip Line Canopy Excursion
Cave Tubing and Zip Line Excursion
Belize  Zoo & Old Belize
Lamanai Mayan Ruins
Roatan Cruise Excursions
Calica Excursions
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Carnival Pride Cruise Ship Excursions

Carnival Pride Cruise Belize Excursions


Carnival Pride Cruise Ship

Capacity: 2680 Passengers

Arrival Day(s): To be announced


Carnival Pride Cruise Ship Photo Belize City, Belize

We warmly welcome all Carnival Pride Cruise Ship Passengers to the Port of Belize City, Belize, Central America.  We hope you enjoy your visit to Belize Mainland and the surrounding Cayes

Belize offers an abundance of excursions and activities to delight Carnival Pride cruisers of all ages and activity levels.  From cave tubing, scuba diving, snorkeling, Mayan Ruins, jungle horseback riding tours, Belize Zoo, fishing, exploring nearby Cayes, or relaxing on the beach, Belize has it all!!

Belize Cruise Excursions offers a variety of options for you to choose from.  Cave Tubing for Carnival Pride PassengersOur rates are direct rates from the operators which allow you to save money while providing you with a greater selection of shore excursions to choose from.   

Belize Cruise Excursions recommends excursions for your visit to Belize City based on the arrival times, departure time of your cruise ship as well as the length of your visit out our Port.  We also take into account the number of cruise ships arriving on the same day your ship comes to port.  We then can provide you with options on how to avoid the busy excursions when this is appropriate. 

Please have a look at our Recommended Carnival Pride Excursions and Itineraries.  If you don't find what you are looking for, click on Excursions in the top navigational buttons for a full listing of excursions.

Recommended Shore Excursions for Belize



NEW! Goff's Caye Ultimate Beach & Snorkeling:  This Tropical Island Atoll embodies the true essence of Belizean natural beauty. This uninhabited island offers the ultimate in rustic island charm. Powder sand beach with crystal blue waters.  Enjoy snorkeling, rum punch and relaxation on this tropical paradise. Ideal for families with kids of all ages


Click here for more info on the Goff's Caye Ultimate Beach & Snorkeling


Altun Ha Main Temple ExcursionAltun Ha Exploration:  Travel back in time to 2500 years ago and visit one of the magnificent Belize Mayan Temples.  Altun Ha is a clear example of the intricate Mayan architectural skills, the whole site offers manicured grounds, gentle walking area and safe steps adjacent to the Temples.  The proximity to the Port of Belize City and the child friendly grounds make this beautiful Mayan Center a must visit for the whole family.

Click here for more information on the Altun Ha Exploration Tour



Belize Cave Tubing Excursion, Belize CityBelize Cave Tubing:  With Belize X-Stream Cave Tubing you will not believe your eyes.  Gently float in humongous ancient caverns once used by the Mayans, walk through pristine rain forest, dry caves exploration within the magical Belize cave system, enjoy 2 full caves.  The X-Stream parts of this Belize excursion are the X-Stream safety, X-Stream comfort and the X-Stream fun you will have on this excursion!

Click here for more info on Belize Cave Tubing



Belize Zip Line Canopy Excursion TourBelize Zip Line Canopy Tour Excursion: Be at one with nature on this exciting brand new excursion.  Float through the beautiful Belize Canopy, transport yourself at eye level with Exotic Birds, Monkeys and more.  The exciting Zip Line excursion is the experience of a lifetime!

Click here for more info on the Belize Zip Line Canopy Tour  



Cave Tubing and Belize Canopy ExcursionCave Tubing and Zip Line Excursion:  Enjoy two of the most exciting tours offered in Belize today!  Cave tube one full cave system then zip line through the magical Belizean Jungle Canopy.  The two tours have been maximize in order to comply with all visiting Ships, this is the Excursion you do not want to miss!!!

Click Here for Additional Information on X-Stream Belize Cave Tubing and Zip Line Canopy Tour



X-Stream Belize Kids TubingBelize Kids Cave Tubing:  That's right, X-Stream does it again!  The X-Stream Belize Kids Tubing is here and Guided by our X-Stream Team!  Designed for children 5 years of age and up this is the excursion everyone has been waiting for!  Take you children in the Rainforest, through dry caves in order to reach our X-Stream Cave Tubing location.  The Excursion is organized just for young children and parents with X-Stream Safety, X-Stream Comfort and X-Stream Fun!!

Click here for more info on X-Stream Kids Cave Tubing



Belize Zoo Tour Old Belize excursion JaguarBelize Zoo and Old Belize Tour:  Admire Belize wildlife from a few feet away on the Belize Zoo Excursion.  Our Guided Belize Zoo Tours showcase Jaguars, Pumas, Howler Monkeys, Jaribus and more.  Part of this excellent tour will take you to the Old Belize Museum and Cucumber Beach, for an Historical tour and relaxation. 

Click here for more info on the Belize Zoo and Old Belize Tour



Lamanai Cruise ExcursionLamanai Exploration:  The Lamanai Excursion will take you for a tour of Northern Belize, a fantastic boat ride on the New River teaming with wildlife, and on to the majestic Temples of Lamanai.  This excursion is simply spectacular, the transport to the Ruins will show you what the Belizean flora and fauna is all about!

Click here for more info on the Lamanai Exploration Excursion



Belize Xanantunich Maya Ruins Cruise ExcursionsXanantunich Exploration:  The Xanantunich Maya Temples are the tallest and most majestic structures in Belize.  Located in the lush, mountainous Cayo District this excursion will also allow you to admire some of Belize's most scenic landscapes.  Cayo is dubbed "Tropical Switzerland" due to the well kept lawns, palm trees and the Maya Mountains.

Click here for more info on the Xanantunich Exploration Excursion




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(Belize City, Belize Division)

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