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Altun Ha Ruins: Mayan for the "Rockstone Pond" was a relatively small Mayan community, estimated from 3000-10,000 people but was affluent and important as a strategically located trading and ceremonial center. This site is well know for the discovery of the largest Mayan jade carving ever found. This solid jade head named Kinich Ahau ("The Sun God") weighs nine pounds.

Altun Ha dates back to 600BC and was an active Mayan town until 900AD, the end of the Mayan era. The beautifully groomed surroundings and quick access from Belize City makes a visit to this Mayan Center a must for the whole family.

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Lamanai Ruins: Mayan for "Submerged Crocodile". Located beneath the jungle canopy along The New River Lagoon is second largest Mayan Site in Belize, Lamanai. Lamanai was first Occupied from 1500BC up until the nineteenth century, making it the longest know occupation of the Mayan era.

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Hundreds of structures have been identified in the two square mile area of Lamanai. The most impressive Lamanai structures are the Masked Temple, the High Temple, the Ball Court and Temple N10-9

Climb the 125ft Mayan temple above the jungle canopy for a spectacular view of the surrounding jungle and lagoon. Keep an eye out for a family of Howler Monkeys that reside in the jungle canopy overhead.

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Xunantunich Ruins: Located in the beautiful Cayo District of Western Belize, this site borders Guatemala and is only accessible across the river by a hand ferry.

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The remote access of this majestic Mayan Temple will guide you through centuries of History and to one of the most exemplary example of Mayan architecture.

Xunantunich overlooks the magnificent Mopan River, this major Mayan Center a key City which separated the Mayan Mountain of Belize/Guatemala from the Caribbean Sea. The site has been largely excavated and is reminiscent of some of the largest Mayan Temples found in Tikal and Copan.

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Belize Cave Tubing

Cave Tubing is one of the most exciting shore tours offered at the Port of Belize City, Belize. Our X-Stream Cave Tubing Excursion offers the ultimate version of this tour by including two complete cave systems, this will add an extra cave for tubing, dry caves exploration, small group size and the extreme in personal care.

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Belize Cave Tubing Zip Line Excursion

Belize Enjoy two of the most exciting tours offered in Belize today, Cave Tubing and the Canopy Zip Line Excursions on your one day visit to Belize! Our X-Stream Cave Tubing Excursion will now take it to the next level by offering one beautiful Cave System on the Sibun River followed by the Canopy Zip Line Tour back to back on a 6hr adventure!

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Belize Kids Cave Tubing

With our Belize X-Stream Kids Cave Tubing, young children as well as adults can enjoy this incredible excursion. Cave Tubing in Belize is one of the most exciting shore excursions offered at the Port of Belize City, Belize and our X-Stream Kids Cave Tubing Excursion offers the ultimate version of this popular tour just for Kids and their parents!

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